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Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements

From DOW FilmTec and Racor Village Marine (Aqua Pro)

As an authorized distributor for DOW FilmTec RO membranes, and a factory certified dealer for Parker Village Marine, Boundless Outfitters has the ability to offer you the best prices and superior service for all your reverse osmosis desalination needs. Whether you need seawater RO membranes for your boat or seaside home or resort, or brackish water RO membranes for treating well water or surface water, we have what you need, and the knowledge to help you choose the best reverse osmosis membrane solution.

See our RO Accessories and Chemicals category for o-ring kits, high pressure pump oil, spare parts, and cleaning and preservative chemicals. See our RO Pressure Vessels category if you need to expand your reverse osmosis watermaker.