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High Performance SPADE Anchor

Available in sizes for any boat, safe and easy to use.
Thanks to its superior design and to its ballasted tip (nearly 50% of the anchor's total weight is applied to this tip), the Spade anchor digs in every single time until fully disappearing. The Spade anchor has the optimal tip-weight, the ideal contact geometry for rapid penetration, and an effective surface area of concave profile which will guarantee it the highest holding resistance. The Spade anchor has been the only one to reach 2 tons of traction in less than 1 minute (constant holding). In short, the designer got it right!

SPADE Anchor Live Test!

Detailsof Spade Anchor

SPADE High Performance Anchor Features:

  • Painted bright yellow to visually see how well it has dug in
  • Self-launching and self-retrieving
  • Can be used with a low rope-length to depth ratio (short scope)
  • Does not require any special mooring line or anchoring technique
  • Fits snugly on most bow rollers, presenting a rounded forward surface
  • Can be easily dismantled into a shank and body, for convenient storage or transport

The Spade Anchor has an exclusive Patented Design which allows us to offer a Six Month, Full Satisfaction Guarantee on your Spade Anchor!

The unique design of this anchor is what makes it so effective!