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Balmar AT-Series Small-Frame Ultra-High-Output Marine Alternators

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Balmar AT-Series "Advanced Technology" High-Output Marine Alternator

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  • Rated Alternator Output: 165 Amps (129 mm frame), 200 Amps (139 mm frame)
  • Charging Voltage(s): 12V or 24V
  • Stator Windings: 96 Slot, square copper wire. Three phase.
  • Rectifier/Diodes: 12 40-Amp non-avalance diodes
  • Mounting Styles (12V/165A): 1"single foot (Motorola), 2" single foot (Delco), 3.15"saddle (Hitachi)
  • Mounting Styles (12V/200A or 24V/165A): 2" single foot (Delco) or 4"ID saddle (J180)
  • Terminal Connections: Positive output post, negative output post (ground), AC tap (stator), field input (excite)
  • Pulley Configurations: Dual 1/2" vee, serpentine polygroove
  • Voltage Regulation: External P-Type only
  • Alternator Housings: Advanced powdercoated cast aluminum. High-impact plastic rear cover
  • One year limited warranty

Package (Optional) Includes:
  • (1) AT-Series Alternator
  • (1) MaxCharge Voltage Regulator
  • (1) 1010 Wiring Harness
  • (1) MC-TS-A Alternator Temperature Sensor
  • (1) MC-TS-B Battery Temperature Sensor
  • (1) 6-0020 Hardware Kit (Hitachi-Style only)
  • SAVE $$$!
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Balmar AT-Series Hairpin Stator

Balmar’s newest AT-Series alternators are uniquely designed to deliver greater output and higher efficiency than OEM or traditional S-wound aftermarket alternators.

Equipped with the latest technology hairpin stators, 129 mm AT-12-165 and 139 mm AT-12-200 series alternators deliver more output in a smaller frame size than any competitor’s small and mid-case alternators.

AT-Series alternators are designed for use with Balmar’s multi-stage Max Charge MC-614 or MC-624 voltage regulators, making it possible for these powerful alternators to provide targeted, customizable charging for a wide range of marine battery technologies. The densely-packed hairpin stator delivers exceedingly impressive low-end output and efficiency nearly 30 percent greater than comparable traditional wound designs.

AT-Series alternators start out with a unique hairpin stator design which uses densely-wound square copper wire to generate exceptional amperage output in the smallest area possible. Hairpin stators feature 96 slots, compared to a 36 slot stators, allowing the hairpin wound stator to develop superior electromagnetic energy and produce electrical current more efficiently than other traditional alternator designs.

New AT-Series alternators feature custom-designed, advanced powder-coat aluminum frames which are engineered to provide optimal airflow and unsurpassed cooling capacity. In addition, AT-Series alternators are equipped with a dozen 40-amp-capacity, externally mounted non-avalanche diodes, cool-running dual internal fans, and massive heat sinking designed to ensure ample cooling under high load demands.

Scaled to fit in most original-position installations, 128mm 165 amp AT-Series alternators are available in 1” and 2” single foot mounting styles, as well as a 3.15" dual foot saddle mount. Larger output, 200-amp alternators are housed in a 139mm diameter frame and feature a single 2” mounting foot. or your choice of 3.15" or 4" saddle style mounts.

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Balmar AT-Series Power Output
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Balmar AT-Series Marine Alternator Dimensions