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Individual O-Rings for Reverse Osmosis

Select your o-rings individually to make up your own o-ring kit.

  • End Plug O-Rings fit around the outside of pressure vessel end plugs, and seal between the end plug and the pressure vessel housing. These keep your pressure vessels from leaking brine.
  • Face Seal O-Rings fit Parker Seal-Lok hose fittings that use an o-ring in a groove in the male part of the fitting that seals against a flat face in the female portion.
  • Filter Housing O-Rings fit our standard filter housings and seal the bowl to the cap.
  • Product Water O-Rings fit inside the pressure vessel end plugs, and seal between the membrane product water tube and the end plug. These keep the brine from mixing with your product water.
  • Swivel Port O-Rings fit over the swivel ports of selected pressure vessels, and seal between the swivel ports and the end plugs.