Anchoring and Docking

Good quality anchoring and ground tackle is a must for all boaters. Whether sailing the Caribbean, or having lunch in the ICW, dragging anchor is a serious problem. Boundless Outfitters offers solutions for boats and yachts of all sizes.

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SPADE Anchors are among the  world’s best for reliable holding in many bottom materials. Sand and mud bottoms are a breeze. SPADE’s weighted point cuts right through grass and weed bottoms. SPADE’s strength makes rocky bottoms no problem as well.

Worried about your anchor resetting due to wind shift or reversing tidal current? No problem. SPADE anchors are well known for reliable resetting in the harshest conditions. The lead-filled point of the blade keeps the point on the bottom, no matter what. The sharp point of the blade allows it to dig in quickly.

Worried about dragging anchor? The concave shape of SPADE’s anchor blades cause the bottom material to compact, unlike common plow-style anchors. Plow anchors are great for what they were originally designed for – plowing.