Balmar Alternator Protection Module – 24 Volt

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Balmar APM24 Alternator Protection Device

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Balmar Alternator Protection Module, 24 Volt

Balmar newly introduced a line of robust Alternator Protection Modules which help protect the alternator’s diodes and internal regulator against spikes (clamping up to 60V) and sustained over voltage conditions (beginning around 20V) for the 12V version. The APM can absorb multiple surges and can absorb current surges in excess of 200 amps without failure. Visual and audible alarms indicate if the device has been compromised and need replacement.

Balmar APM devices provide intelligent, robust, solid state protection in a small, easily mounted package at the rear of the alternator. Balmar APM devices can be used to protect all alternator brands. These units were designed to replace a bulky, bulkhead-mounted surge protection device sold by Sterling Power.

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24 VDC


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