Balmar Centerfielder II, CFII-12/24

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Balmar Centerfielder II, CFII-12/24 Twin Engine Charge Balancer

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Balmar CenterFielder 2, CFII-12/24, Twin Engine Charge Balancer

In addition to high output alternators and smart voltage regulators, Balmar offers two valuable additions to your charging system. The Digital Duo Charge and CenterFielder II. Each provide an effective tool to ensure that all of your vessel’s batteries receive optimal charging.


  • Balances Charging in Twin Engine Applications
  • For 12 Volt or 24 Volt Systems
  • Use with Balmar Max Charge Regulators Only
  • See Wiring Diagrams at
  • One year warranty

The CenterFielder II balances twin engine 12 or 24 volt charging systems by monitoring port and starboard voltage regulators.

When both alternators and voltage regulators are working, the CenterFielder II automatically splits field output from the dominant voltage regulator to both alternators, making it possible to charge a single house battery bank with the combined output of both alternators. The CenterFielder II works in both 12 volt and 24 volt systems, and includes detailed wiring instructions along with larger gauge wire replacements for port and starboard regulator power wires. Use only with Max Charge Voltage Regulators (MC-612-DUAL,  MC-612, MC-614, MC-618, or MC-624). Do not install in systems using internally regulated alternators.

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12 VDC, 24 VDC


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