Balmar SG200 Battery Monitor Kit Display & Bluetooth

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Balmar SG200 Battery Monitor Kit

Balmar has combined recent technology advances to introduce a next generation battery monitor. The SG200 is quite simply the most accurate battery monitor available today. Balmar has combined the best features of its 1st generation Smartgauge™ with many advantages of a shunt-based amp- hour counting system. Further, we’ve designed a device architecture which facilitates multiple gauges or multiple shunts to be added to the network – allowing the boater to monitor multiple energy storage banks simultaneously from multiple locations.

In addition, the SG200 Color Display is easy to read, configurable and fits any standard 2 1/16” gauge socket. Now you can determine your battery(s) condition from anywhere on the vessel or vehicle with multiple displays, or simply add the optional Bluetooth ® Smartphone App to keep information in your pocket!


  1. Intelligent, Self-Calibrating Accuracy: The SG200 quickly adapts to the specific characteristics of your battery and maintains accuracy over of the life of your battery.
  2. No Synchronization: SG200 does not drift in accuracy with multiple Partial State of Charge (PSoC) cycles. Synchronization is not needed to ensure the SG200 is accurate!
  3. Revolutionary State of Health (SoH%): All batteries age, diminishing in capacity over time. The SG200 accounts for aging factors to determine State of Health (SoH) as a percentage of the battery’s original capacity. The SG200 also adjusts for changes in battery capacity to account for aging. This means that you no longer run into the real, inevitable problem of discharging batteries below a safe State of Charge before charging. Many battery owners think they are treating their batteries well, but are unaware they are chronically discharging the batteries beyond a point which causes “sulfation” and significantly shortens battery life and capacity.
  4. Works With all Major Battery Types: Charge profiles are characterized for Standard Lead Acid, Lithium (LiFePO4), Standard AGM,Thin Plate Pure Lead AGM (TPPL), Carbon Foam AGM and GEL batteries.
  5. Embedded History, Faults & Alerts: Provides a complete picture of your dual purpose battery system.

Get the Balmar SmartLink App: Balmar SmartLink iOS App Balmar SmartLink Android App

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