Balmar XT-Series Wakeboat Alternator, 12 V, 170 Amp, Motorola/Delco, K-6 Pulley


Balmar XT-Series Wakeboat Alternator, 12 V, 170 Amp, Motorola/Delco, K-6 Pulley

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Over 60% of WakeBoat run times are at idle speed. Many high current electrical loads are engaged at idle, including ballast pumps, high-output stereo systems and multiple instrumentation loads. Standard alternators only produce about 30A-40A at idle speed, leaving these loads to be serviced by onboard batteries. Excessive draining causes battery sulfation and reduced lifetimes. Dealers report that AGM batteries which should last 5-7 years on these vessels are being replaced annually. The XT-Series Alternator produces over 100A at idle speed – ample power to service all electrical loads with power left over to top-off house batteries. The XT-Series pays for itself in reduced battery replacement costs in just one year!

These Alternators contain single stage, internal regulators and are not appropriate for use with Balmar’s multi-stage external regulators.

Alternator, XT Series, 170A, 12V, Motorola/Delco Mount (Single Foot 1-2 in), K6 Serpentine Pulley, Case Ground

1″ Motorola-Style Mounting; Typical for Westerbeke, Lehman, Hino & Pathfinder Engines
2″ Delco-Style Mounting; Typical for Volvo Penta (Gas & Diesel), John Deere, Perkins, Mercruiser, Pleasurecraft, Crusader, Indmar, Marine Power & other GM-based Engines



Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 9 × 10 in
Mounting Style

Delco 2" Single Foot, Motorola 1" Single Foot


12 VDC

Pulley Type

K6 Serpentine


Alternator Only, Case Ground






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