MARCH Pump, 3.5-5.0 GPM RO Feed (30 GPM Max), 115/230 Volt

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MARCH Pump, 3.5-5.0 GPM RO Feed, 115/230 Volt

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Low-Pressure RO Boost Pump – MARCH Mag-Drive Series

Low pressure boost pumps are used to maintain positive pressure at the inlet of the high pressure pump. Failure to maintain positive pressure at the inlet of a high pressure plunger pump can cause severe damage to the plungers due to cavitation. At Boundless Outfitters, we have curated a collection of low pressure pumps based on common feed flow rates. This MARCH Pump TE-5.5C-MD is ideal for RO desalinator systems with 3.5-5.0 GPM feed pumps. We recommend installing this RO boost pump at least two feet below the waterline to avoid inlet cavitation.

March Pump’s industrial pumps are American seal-less centrifugal magnetic drive pumps ideal for reverse osmosis (RO) feed pump applications. The standard wet end (the materials that come into contact with the solution) is composed of Polypropylene, Buna N, Ceramic, and Ceramic Magnet.

Pump Model: TE-5.5C-MD
Part Numbers: 0151-0027-0100
Also Village Marine 70-1550
Recommended for RO Feed Rate: 3.5-5.0 gpm
Voltage: 115/230V 50/60Hz
Head at 5.0 GPM: 40 ft at 60Hz
29 ft at 50Hz
Power: 0.33 HP
Inlet Port Size: 1″ FPT
Discharge Port Size: 3/4″ MPT
Submersible: No
Drive Type(s): Magnetic
Body Material: Polypropylene

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 in

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110-120 VAC, 220-240 VAC

RO Flow Rating

Over 2.5 GPM




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