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Who Needs Compass Binoculars?

by Tim Allen

How many people have passed the binoculars to another person, only to repeatedly say “No, not there – there”?

We have all been there, done that. What a hassle! If you were passing binoculars with a built-in compass, you could tell the other person “Look to 243°,” and they will see exactly what you saw.

Now let’s take the old hand-bearing compass. Hold it at arm’s length at eye level and … you know the story. You focus on the compass dial and can’t see the target you are lining up. Focus on the target and you can’t see the compass dial. Enter the binoculars with the built-in compass. Now you can see the target and compass dial at the same time – clearly.

Compass binoculars are invaluable when sailing without radar, especially at night. A good set of compass binoculars do a great job of gathering light, and the illuminated compass dial allows you to track other vessels accurately.

At sea is not the only place for compass binoculars. Ever go bird watching with friends? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just give the bearing to that rare falcon? Add a rangefinder reading and you can’t miss!

Now that binoculars with a built-in compass are widely available, there is no reason not to have at least one set on board at all times.

Happy cruising!